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Human society is now at a great inflection point.

Due to COVID-19, we now commute with our masks on,
work from home, and live a life we never experienced before.

In the midst of the crisis, non-contact businesses are raising
its values and lead the global economy.

The global economy will show a radical change after Covid19

The US-China economic conflicts will face an adhesion and
AI-based remote learning and medical treatment,
and robotics will become the new normal.

The 8th TV CHOSUN Global Leaders Forum, with the theme
of ‘Coronomics, Anchoring to a New World!’, will forecast
the changes that the world will face COVID-19 Pandemic.

The ‘Post-Corona’ is no longer just a theory.
It is the reality and is already among us.

TV Chosun Chairman
Hong  Too  Pyo