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Hong  Too  Pyo
Chairman, TV CHOSUN
The upcoming 2045, Korea's centennial anniversary of liberation,
is an intersectional moment that futurists predicted
A.I. would overtake the intellectual ability of humans.
It is also after 100 years of World War II,
and the centennial of many other countries
in Asia, Africa, and South America.

For the next 20 years,
human beings are in the head of great transitions,
as much as the change we've passed for the past 2000 years.
Like a plate boundary, world politics is changing fastly
including global digital transitions and US-China relationships.
What should our country learn and prepare for this?

TV CHOSUN gathers global leaders for the 10th anniversary
and talks about 100-year-old Korea
considering international relations, security, populism,
democracy, post-capitalism, employment, welfare,
sustainable finance, corporate innovation ecosystem, etc.

World-renowned scholars from their field will set discussions for the theme.

Ju Ho Lee 
K-Policy Flatform
We are living in a world of upheaval and the future is uncertain.
With world powers struggling for supremacy, the digital transition,
climate change, and the pandemic, Korea is being shaken inside and outside.
Despite all that, politicians are focusing on media manipulation and arguments.
The world is craving for insights based on facts, and policy agendas capturing the truth.

Through this year's forum with TV CHOSUN,
K-policy platform hopes to open the door for lively discussions
with the best field experts of the world about policies,
that could lead the upheaval world, create a future with insights,
enhance our freedom, raise humanity through technology application,
and finance that assures sustainability.

After 100 years of liberation, where should Korea stand as a country?
In order to make Korea the most innovative country in 2045,
we should design new policies for the country together.
All entrepreneurs, research engineers, investors,
public administrators, citizens,
and policymakers have to consistently cooperate
and seek new business models and platforms,
industries to build a developed innovation ecosystem
that could bring out innovation in our society and in government restrictions.

If we could work together to build Korea into the most innovative country in the world,
we could get rid of the dark cloud of anxiety and uncertainty covering the Korean peninsula.
Through innovative vision and policy,
we must overcome the dichotomous ideological conflicts
that have divided our country for all these years.